Thursday, March 31, 2005

players we ain't the same, i'm into 'cane & guns

idlewild - "too long awake"
idlewild - "goodnight"
(warnings/promises, capitol, 2005)

those sullen scottish lads (no, not THOSE ones) in idlewild are back at it again. there was much ink spilled on the recording of their latest album, focusing mainly on the addition of a new guitar player and a "classic rock" influence present in new material. apparently, pre-warner brothers REM qualifies as WZLX playlist fodder for roddy & co. all joking aside, it's very easy and extremely lazy to describe the idlewild sound in terms of the athens gang. in fact, prepare to see relentless comparisons as idlewild will be opening dates on the REM european tour and the american music press corps loves regurgitating press releases, one-sheets, and other commonly accepted conjecture. the new platter hit stores on march 7th in the UK, but not here in jesusland. since the new US release date maybepossiblycouldbe in august, this is the bootleg funwrecker premiere, emi-canadian import style. though the album is typical 'wild fair, these tracks exhibit a certain synth/distortion instrumentation against which i am powerless. plus, there's acoustic bonus beats on "goodnight." go forth and mope.

- speaking of moping, steven patrick dropped a live dvd/cd combo on out shores this past tuesday. love that frock, moz. homecomings are never this cool on this side of the pond.

- funwrecker is your primary source for hand-me-down news. (thanks to hardly art & lemon-red for putting shame in my faux-journo game.) for the record, ghost could never retire.

- speaking of journos, lauren 2: electric boogaloo may be coming to a paper near YOU, all day/every day. stay tuned for confirmation/dom p poppin'.

- i did not watch this fourth quarter collapse. instead, i watch young timothy havocwrecker drop a cool 7 points/9 boards (PUT 'EM ON THE GLASS!), and chug buckets of haterade in the first round of the biddy league playoffs.

- this should be in your shopping cart. since raise and mezcal head are stuck in master recording/major label hell, get the official live bootlegs here 4 cheap.

- in the most unpredictable turn of events in recent memory, "engine driver" by the decembos has replaced the amerie/clipse juggernaut inside my skull. you had to figure after morrissey was mentioned, meloy couldn't have been far behind.

i shall return before week's end with funny book banter, red sox season preview, and a well-composed "sin city" review.


p.s. could someone tape the O.C. for me tomorrow night? i'm so serious about it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

50 grand don't even feed my demons

jesu - "tired of me"
jesu - "we all falter"
(jesu, hydra head, 2005)

after extended birthday hiatus, funwrecker industries is open for business once again. i've been trying to avoid long periods of time between "updates" and i am working on a plan to have regular access to one, if not all, of the internets.

justin k. broadrick does not have fuck around time. the man is constantly building, whether through godflesh ("mission is terminated" 2002), remixes, or new project jesu. after the demise of godflesh (buy me), broadrick enlisted ex-killing joke drummer ted parsons to help destroy all eardrums with layers of texture and drone. their debut lp came out in january and they will be touring europe with fellow racket makers (and boston heads) isis throughout the spring. at the 3:45 mark of "we all falter," everbody in the club gets drone-y, with parsons leveling the mix with huge cymbal crashes while broadrick sets the guitar delay to kill. as our friends in sunn 0))) say, maximum volume yields maximum results.

- grime gets the hipster fda seal of approval. for what it's worth, i think looking for grime crossover in the united states is far too myopic. with lots of discussion on the topic lately, it's fairly obvious that something larger is going. you can't look at cultural flashpoints like m.i.a., baile funk, diplo, reggaeton, grime, crunk, or widespead application of the term "mash-up" (just to mention a few things) as isolated events. emergence? probably more tipping point than anything. someone ought to be writing about all of these things with the same consideration in mind.

- of course who needs to write anything when your girlfriend buys things like this on vhs for a combined total of $4. turbo and ozone for LIFE.

- "more like paul BESTerberg." add to this the news of like 26 new ryan adams records this year and poplockin' lauren should be thrilled.

- so motherfucking focused on april 13th.

- big game against big d tomorrow for the celtics. i count on big things from employee #8 against his former running mates. i hope willie maye interviews new mavs coach avery johnson...

- dc countdown #1 tomorrow = 80 pages for 1 dollar. just in case you haven't seen one of the thousands of ads in any dc publication since january. other books of note: amazing joy buzzards #4, astonishing x-men #9, legion of super-heroes #4, and flash #220.

more posts this week. weekend looks like sin city, work, and possibly another installment of "jawns gone wild" with lemon-red nelson. stay focused.


p.s. i tried to post this tuesday but blogger ate it. i thought it was gone. it wasn't. i hate the goddamn (inter)nerd.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


stars - "your ex-lover is dead"
stars - "what i'm trying to say"
(set yourself on fire, arts & crafts, 2005)

from the great white north, stars (along with label/room mate leslie feist), are currently set to rocket into the rarified upper levels of the blogosphere where only m.i.a.'s and arcade fires dare. their website offers a fairly ornate version of the bio, so i don't have to. what i can offer is the testimony of the general public; i put this jawn (correct usage, nelz?) in the hi-fi at the workplace on thursday morning and several copies sold immediately, plus mine own was murked by a co-worker. the album is not surprisingly pop-oriented, with deft touches of synths and keys in a "non-postal service" sort of way. i'll go on record as saying i prefer the vocal stylings of amy millan to ms. feist, but fortunately we live in a world where i don't have to make such choices.

- friday's birthday jumpoff polymorphed into a thursday night fiasco at our house in allston ($2 sixteen-ounce brubakers for serious). we did battle with university lads, hollered at ladies, and listened to bad beastie/grey album blends. thanks to all those who attended (roommates, lauren, et. al) and all those who expressed b-day wishes on the nerd (STARBURY!). no thanks to those boggle-playing university lads (when did it become cool to play board games IN A BAR?) and the cop who left a $30 non-residential ticket on my ride. still, we overcame and did it moderately big. remember, you've finally arrived when you've recieved a drunken, belig, and abusive freestyle on your cell from funwrecker...

- three in a row in the wrong column for my squad, including tonight's heartbreaker in detroit. dem boys was robbed by terrible officiating on wednesday, as the 6 dudes picked up 2 personals and 1 technical each within the opening 30 seconds. someone should have got RON ARTEST (pretty ricky, tony allen...i'm looking in your direction). i'm so serious about it. since when is this dude allowed to perform and1 mixtape off the backboard throwdowns in the second quarter?

- my celtic pride was interrupted tonight by easter egg coloring (125 years in the game, kid!). somebody should tell lauren the girlfriend to step her egg-coloring skills up...oh wait, i just did. OH SNAP!

- from the not (bloody) surprising dept. nasir & dylan? "made you look?" live mp3 rip?

- i recieved the collected edition of teenagers from mars for my birthday. i could review this right now, but i'll wait until completion as i could never find issue #2 and now i have it. for real...rick spears and rob g. kill it.

short update tonight. we return to our REAL BIG ways on sunday, post-family easter dinner and deadwood.


Monday, March 21, 2005

you been lying to the fans on your tapes

prefuse 73 - "hideyaface (feat. el-p & ghostface)"
prefuse 73 - "hideyaface (feat. el-p & ghostface) (el-p remix)"
prefuse 73 - "hideyaface reprise (shaolin finale)"
prefuse 73 - "pastel assassins (feat. claudia & alejandra deheza)"
(surrounded by silence, warp, 2005)

yeah, i know. the album has been passed around ftp servers for months now. yup, "hideyaface" is the lead single and available elsewhere online. and yes, the album is out tomorrow. still, scott herren gets respect from funwrecker, so i'll still post a remix and an extra track or two. bottom line: if you can't get excited about ghostface & lazerface collaborating, please do not pass go/do not collect $200, just stop reading. it's worth noting the differences between the two versions of "hideyaface." prefuse hears layered harmonic dissonance where mr. meline (ne' el-p) would build a beat worthy of his nyc/co-flow pedigree. make sure you buy the full-length tomorrow (check the racy cover art) or the "hideyaface" 12" here.

- "ryan from last year would have snuffed that bitch." - roommate dave, on the chino kid's confrontation with lipstick lesbian alex on last week's episode of the o.c. given the "this year is sooo last year" theme of the story, i thought it was apropos. does this mean that both ryan and seth are persona non grata at the bait shop?

- march 25th. at first glance, this means "youth movement" poster night at the newly-christened banknorth garden against the baby bulls. others still speak of something called "good friday" or whatever. here at the funwrecker mansion, march 25th means a little something i like to call DOING IT REAL BIG. house party and/or pirate-themed bowling alley extravanganza, brought to you by myself, the roommates, the queen of the underground, gatorade & whiskey sours, and champagne.

- march 23rd shipping forecast: manhattan guardian #1, expatriate #1, and the usual round-up of marvel/dc books. speaking of morrison, shining knight #1 was vintage, top shelf grant. seriously, morrison has the keen ability to evoke both volumes of storytelling and lifetimes of emotion in mere sentence long exchanges, like some sort of mamet-on-peyote for sequential narrative. as an out-of-work journalist, i'm more than interested in grant's revision of the profession and his modern-day new york city in guardian.

- also from the nerd department: dc ends months of speculation, reveals shocking cover that surprises the 14 comic fans without internet access. since crisis on infinite earths was some of the first funny books i ever read, the nostalgia both excites and disappoints.

- june 17th.

tomorrow will be consumed with fantasy baseball draft. back on wednesday or later, possibly with some madlib beats that rollie put everyone up on today.


married to the game - throw rice

zombi - "taurus"
zombi - "cetus"
zombi - "serpens"
(cosmos, relapse, 2004)

if you believed press releases and capsule albums reviews, then you'd hear the name "zombi" and casually toss off references to horror film scores, argento, jarre, and love affairs with the moog synthesizer. here at the funwrecker mansion, we live to destroy genrefication in all forms. but for the posturing (i.e. uber-metal label, vague cover art, looooooooong press bio), steve moore and a.e. paterra create music that falls somewhere between m83 and rush. the kids seem to enjoy non-technical wankery masquerading as prog (side one of 2112, for real), so maybe zombi can steer them in the right direction. regardless, go see them on their "tour of the cosmos" at great scott in allston on march 29th or the living room in providence on march 30th (both dates supported by ex-there were wires massive disappearer).

- as documented elsewhere, lemon-red and funwrecker had a crossover, joining forces in order to do battle with the smooth sounds of low-bee. yes, i was a little bit intoxicated and, yes, i was running my mouth. pre-game phoenix landing jumpoff was highly entertaining with multiple screens showing the chelsea/crystal palace match, the celtics giving the hornets the 'nolia clap ("admiral nachbar, cover your gills!"), and boston college getting shut dow...who cares? maker's mark had me so very NOT FOCUSED that i wasn't even mad at leaving early.

- speaking of my green-shirted brethren, the tally is now seven straight. despite the fact that many of these victories came at home against subpar competition, there is no possible way to place negative spin on the youth movement (poster night on march 25th against the bulls...big al jefferson on YOUR walls, YAOMING?). without question, the two best moments of the week were as follows: 1) my boy pretty ricky talking all kinds of business at former celtic pine rider milt palacio after he missed a potentially game winning bucket on wednesday; and 2) the truth chugging gallons upon gallons of haterade (and hearing it from the screwston crowd) after getting tossed from the game against the rockets on friday.

- it's official. the clipse remix of "one thing" by amerie has reached peak position on the "stuck inside my head all day"-scrobbler index. drum breaks for days, son, for days. whoever produced this needs to step forward and recieve praise for injecting go-go breaks into this modern world. d.c. go-go jams = the '05 version of b-more house for nerdy obssessives? the new alternative to marching band beats? discuss.

- and a cheer goes up from lemon-red...

- area heads should catch the glow on march 22nd at the middle east upstairs in cambridge. new album drops march 29th and you can cop that here for the princely sum of $6.99. or you can hear new jams on the comp cd inside the lastest issue of vice magazine. for god's sake, just don't sleep, as sleep is the cousin of death (at least that's what nas/greg dulli said).

- street date 3/22/05: queens of the stone age, prefuse 73, and isis remixes will become part of the funwrecker home library. decision pending on decemberists, plus other selected pieces.

- marvel comics is out for paper. honestly, this doesn't surprise me. it will not affect my purchase habits in the least, but that's because i work at a comic book shop.

this is usually the space where i promise to post at a later date. game got real this week, as overtime, st. patrick's day, and revealing my identity got in the way of things. i hope to be back midweek, with oft-promised comic discussion and perhaps some new programming.

brendan funwrecker.

Monday, March 14, 2005

i know you heard of that

khonnor - "daylight & delight"
khonnor - "screen love, space, & the time man"
(handwriting, type, 2004)

when i was 17 years old, i thought that being precocious was muscling my way onto the local college radio station and cutting dj shadow against john coltrane. nowadays, these young thundercats obviously have a firm grasp of "precocious" and have moved straight to "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." connor kirby-long has recorded under three aliases, the most recent of which is khonnor (highly addictive flash game ahoy!). all this northern boy (vermont in the building) did before reaching the age of manhood was floor the clerks at other with his brand of well-crafted electronic pop-folk composition. since then, he's only managed to catch some run the paper of record, recieve praise in a host of british rags, draw internet comparisons to boards of canada, and land the opening slot on shows with radian. despite all prior successes, homeboy can now rest on the laurels of knowing that he is funwrecker-approved. (at a comparative point in our timelines, i was working at blockbuster and playing lots super mario kart for the snes in order to prepare for college.) make sure you cop his new internerd-only release under the nom de plure "grandma."

- so dude installs statcounter in order to verify he has more than 2 readers and upon completion sees that the true iron man has given me a blogger 3-step handshake. good looking, kid. i can now (possibly) refer to my dozen of readers. we'll spread good will to j montag as well, although i have been informed that this is not him.

- my deadwood game was NOT FOCUSED. while i was on-point for key sililoquoies, i missed the first 12 minutes on 2 seperate viewings. full commentary pending, although i will note that swearengen has officially become this show's greek chorus, while the moral compass/lens has been passed from doc white to mad dog bullock. and if no one is willing to show ex-bella union employee doris some love, she is welcome at the funwrecker mansion.

- another big win for the slept-on gang green. what's more impressive is that they used the way-back machine to travel through space and time in order to play the '01-'02 golden state warriors. yes, i will hate on the (rubber) bullets. no, i do not care that gil arenas may bring arms out.

i have nothing more to add...there's a stack starman trade paperbacks with my name on them. check today for more linkdigging and funny book chatter.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

the ghost is screaming your name (bonus beats)

m83 - "don't save us from the flames" (before the dawn heals us, mute, 2005)
m83 - "don't save us from the flames (superpitcher remix)" (don't save us from the flames cd-s, mute, 2005)

something old, something new...

i strongly suggest you go see the ulrich/m83 juggernaut rip shop in your area. thanks to my patron saint of internet charity "thug-lite" nelson for help tracking down a digi copy of the RMX. technology is no friend of mines.


never let you down

ulrich schnauss - "...passing by" (far away trains passing by, city centre offices, 2001)
ulrich schnauss - "gone forever" (a strangely isolated place, c.c.o./domino, 2004)
rachel goswell - "coastline (ulrich schnauss vocal mix)" (coastline/plucked 12", 4AD, 2005)

the funwrecker credo has always been quality over quanity. in keeping with this philosophy, i adopted the policy of less talk is more talk (unless we're talking real talk); hence, only one post for the calendar week. in addition, it could be said that i live in an unstable foundation with pirated cable, no internet, theoretical heat, dead houseplants, and limited floor space (read: my bedroom is referred to as "the nursery"). regardless, i'm back, heat's loaded, and i don't care who's next because i am right now.

tonight, i bring you german wunderkind ulrich schnauss. "so 2004," you say. i see your unclever eye-rolling, and raise you some not-sweating-you-laying-back-in-the-cut. our boy ulrich is about to set the world on fire opening for french crit-rock faves m83, and i think people really need to take notice. for instance, new yorkers can see him redecorate rothko on march 16 (you just an opening act, he's the headliner). shockingly, you will see the phrases "shoegaze," "ambient," and "my bloody valentine" are attached to the man's work. (ed. note: can we just have a fucking moratorium on inappropriate use of these words? it's blatantly misleading and lazy, like comparing every new band joy division, the smiths, and/or the cure. with a hint of the stones...fucking journos. read a thesaurus and listen to more records.) dude remixes ex-slowdive/mojave-3 member rachel goswell, so what's really really good, inner monologue?

- the green be killing 'em. let's be clear about how things work here in the second antoine dynasty. better writers than i will describe the wild mood swings of employee #8's game, but the wednesday's debacle against the hawks is live-to-tape evidence. the game effectively counted as a loss in every concievable category except the final score. i will waste no more time on this matter, sufficed to note that funwrecker says "no fun." by contrast, friday night at the whatthefuckeveritscalledtonight center was the best regular season game in recent memory. i can't shake the feeling that the c's could never pull that off on the road in auburn hills and that the pistons will be better come playoff time. for now, we bask in the glow of postgame revelry, willie maye-style.

- somebody call a.w. merrick, lemon-red done blowed the fuck up!

- this week's episode of the o.c. had a very "saved by the bell feeling" according the queen of the underground. as feb. sweeps goes, so goes ill-fated lesbian romance. it's good to show the kids that an "alternative lifestyle choice" is a trend, disposable like so many trucker hats. apologies also to those who tuned in merely for sweet star wars trailer.

-popeye doyle: mixtape heat for '05. everything about this collection = tight. not one ounce of fat.

- i tried to add a links section to the online meeting place. obviously, i need to try harder ("hopping over chairs like o.j.").

- "like rage against the machine meets the bush doctrine of freedom..."

- attn: roommates; i am not the only dude who can't pay my rent in due time. in fairness, there are no all-ages shows at the funwrecker mansion. but i only came up $15 short on purse time last month.

- knee deep in the bea...err...field recordings.

monday/tuesday's post should be worth your 30-50 seconds of downloading frenzy. for those who know why wednesdays are special, i should have a review of shining knight# 1 and a series overview of amazing joy buzzards.

y'all come back now,
b. funwrecker.

Friday, March 11, 2005

it's been a long time...

i did not mean to leave without providing you some quality rhythms to dance along with.

big update on friday. no oblique rakim references, either.

i holler,

Monday, March 07, 2005

"be where i can find you."

death in vegas - anita barber
death in vegas - head
death in vegas - reigen
(drone, 2004)

here at the funwrecker mansion, monday means instrumental faux krautrock!
rich fearless and tim holmes lose the rolodex of collaborators (brothers gallagher*, weller, iggy pop, etc.) and stop worshipping at the temple of primal scream. the resulting record, "satan's circus," is still only available as an import, meaning that file-sharing networks the world over are loaded with american nerds downloading it from euro nerds.


- i was not in attendance for the arrested development jump-off at house of lemon-red. regards and "hey, co-worker" backrubs to all who were.

- instead, i bore witness to the wreck of the celtics bandwagon. three-point breakdown:
1) the t-wolves shot close to 70% through the first half.
2) if tony allen is healthy, mc ricky d is not playing during crunch time, blowing a defensive assignment to allow the game winner, or missing a midrange jumper (a "lost art" some say - word, dave ozug, word) for the tie.
3) kevin mchale-enstein cannot marshall a whole lot of enthusiasm from the troops. someone should tighten his neck bolts.
wednesday's rebound game against atlanta should be, dare i say, "binoculars."

- a healthy assortment of material at the nerd dungeon this week. a double dose of grant morrison (shining knight, vimanarama) for psychotropic purposes, plus blue monday for the ladies. hopefully, my store stocks amazing joy buzzards #3 as well, but i'm not holding my breath.

- deadwood kills it once again. al swearengen (he who the king of the 'wood is) is a complex gangster who must be respected. his discourse on telegraph wires was very forward-looking, especially in this era of blog-related mischief ("babyheads talking shit on myspace..." - you tell 'em, el). a message to cy tolliver: sensitive thugs need hugs (and what's with powers boothe getting the marquee booking at the end of the credits?).

*i got front row pavillion seats at the tweet. bitches.


Friday, March 04, 2005


caribou - a final warning
caribou - brahminy kite
caribou - yeti

canadian screengaze maestro dan snaith shows us know he (drum)rolls. (and fuck "handsome" dick manitoba too. i'm holding you down, dan.). from the forthcoming album "the milk of human kindness" (domino, april '05). dude is embarking an on extensive 41-date north american tour with junior boys (may 2nd at the iron horse in northampton and may 3rd at the middle east in cambridge for interested area parties...holler?).

- 'toine does it real big. he drops 16 and 13 in a surprisingly unflamboyant return. apparently, the associated press reporter was more interested in the fairly unreported off-court drama of laker unknown kobe bryant. i'm glad the town has jumped back on the c's bandwagon, at least until the red sox play meaningless spring training games next week and become the focus of the entire region. enjoy your week in the sun, employee #8, it's good to have you back.

- danny ainge: respect gangsta or not? the mormon kingpin is on the verge of completing what was essentially a dude who's nickname was "yogi," the corpse of tom gugliotta, a protected first-rounder (cleveland's 2007?), and a ball rack for antoine. also, he pulled this routine with lakers this summer when he swindled them out of key splinter-mongerer marcus banks. how this affects the development of my boy redz delonte remains to be seen.

- "dude, remember that song from dr. mario? the chill one? doot-doot doot doot? yeah, that one. well, you should take that and run it through the computer. yup, i'll yell into a megaphone, and you can lay that on top of it. then, you can call it 'chill riddim' because that's what all these songs sound like to me. all of them." little brother tim on grime tracks. there's no hope for the kids.

- it's the loop digga, yeah, it's the loop digga...

- he's the reason that your earrings is square.

i'll be back sometime next week with some new import material. in the meantime, do yourself a favor and go buy the new dead meadow lp. and do me a favor and buy it here. in addition, if someone could help point me in the direction of some site design or internerd help, i would appreciate it. i'm so serious about it. i couldn't even figure out how put up a .jpg or whatever of antoine doing his gangsta walk. i don't have any computer hacking skills, nor am i sweet with the bo staff. paraphrasing banner, i ain't got nothin'.

brendan funwrecker.

operation: get down

because the haters demanded it, we're now open for business.

with that, i have nothing left to say, except get down.

i said GET DOWN.

- brendan.