Tuesday, March 29, 2005

50 grand don't even feed my demons

jesu - "tired of me"
jesu - "we all falter"
(jesu, hydra head, 2005)

after extended birthday hiatus, funwrecker industries is open for business once again. i've been trying to avoid long periods of time between "updates" and i am working on a plan to have regular access to one, if not all, of the internets.

justin k. broadrick does not have fuck around time. the man is constantly building, whether through godflesh ("mission is terminated" 2002), remixes, or new project jesu. after the demise of godflesh (buy me), broadrick enlisted ex-killing joke drummer ted parsons to help destroy all eardrums with layers of texture and drone. their debut lp came out in january and they will be touring europe with fellow racket makers (and boston heads) isis throughout the spring. at the 3:45 mark of "we all falter," everbody in the club gets drone-y, with parsons leveling the mix with huge cymbal crashes while broadrick sets the guitar delay to kill. as our friends in sunn 0))) say, maximum volume yields maximum results.

- grime gets the hipster fda seal of approval. for what it's worth, i think looking for grime crossover in the united states is far too myopic. with lots of discussion on the topic lately, it's fairly obvious that something larger is going. you can't look at cultural flashpoints like m.i.a., baile funk, diplo, reggaeton, grime, crunk, or widespead application of the term "mash-up" (just to mention a few things) as isolated events. emergence? probably more tipping point than anything. someone ought to be writing about all of these things with the same consideration in mind.

- of course who needs to write anything when your girlfriend buys things like this on vhs for a combined total of $4. turbo and ozone for LIFE.

- "more like paul BESTerberg." add to this the news of like 26 new ryan adams records this year and poplockin' lauren should be thrilled.

- so motherfucking focused on april 13th.

- big game against big d tomorrow for the celtics. i count on big things from employee #8 against his former running mates. i hope willie maye interviews new mavs coach avery johnson...

- dc countdown #1 tomorrow = 80 pages for 1 dollar. just in case you haven't seen one of the thousands of ads in any dc publication since january. other books of note: amazing joy buzzards #4, astonishing x-men #9, legion of super-heroes #4, and flash #220.

more posts this week. weekend looks like sin city, work, and possibly another installment of "jawns gone wild" with lemon-red nelson. stay focused.


p.s. i tried to post this tuesday but blogger ate it. i thought it was gone. it wasn't. i hate the goddamn (inter)nerd.


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