Monday, March 07, 2005

"be where i can find you."

death in vegas - anita barber
death in vegas - head
death in vegas - reigen
(drone, 2004)

here at the funwrecker mansion, monday means instrumental faux krautrock!
rich fearless and tim holmes lose the rolodex of collaborators (brothers gallagher*, weller, iggy pop, etc.) and stop worshipping at the temple of primal scream. the resulting record, "satan's circus," is still only available as an import, meaning that file-sharing networks the world over are loaded with american nerds downloading it from euro nerds.


- i was not in attendance for the arrested development jump-off at house of lemon-red. regards and "hey, co-worker" backrubs to all who were.

- instead, i bore witness to the wreck of the celtics bandwagon. three-point breakdown:
1) the t-wolves shot close to 70% through the first half.
2) if tony allen is healthy, mc ricky d is not playing during crunch time, blowing a defensive assignment to allow the game winner, or missing a midrange jumper (a "lost art" some say - word, dave ozug, word) for the tie.
3) kevin mchale-enstein cannot marshall a whole lot of enthusiasm from the troops. someone should tighten his neck bolts.
wednesday's rebound game against atlanta should be, dare i say, "binoculars."

- a healthy assortment of material at the nerd dungeon this week. a double dose of grant morrison (shining knight, vimanarama) for psychotropic purposes, plus blue monday for the ladies. hopefully, my store stocks amazing joy buzzards #3 as well, but i'm not holding my breath.

- deadwood kills it once again. al swearengen (he who the king of the 'wood is) is a complex gangster who must be respected. his discourse on telegraph wires was very forward-looking, especially in this era of blog-related mischief ("babyheads talking shit on myspace..." - you tell 'em, el). a message to cy tolliver: sensitive thugs need hugs (and what's with powers boothe getting the marquee booking at the end of the credits?).

*i got front row pavillion seats at the tweet. bitches.



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