Monday, March 14, 2005

i know you heard of that

khonnor - "daylight & delight"
khonnor - "screen love, space, & the time man"
(handwriting, type, 2004)

when i was 17 years old, i thought that being precocious was muscling my way onto the local college radio station and cutting dj shadow against john coltrane. nowadays, these young thundercats obviously have a firm grasp of "precocious" and have moved straight to "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." connor kirby-long has recorded under three aliases, the most recent of which is khonnor (highly addictive flash game ahoy!). all this northern boy (vermont in the building) did before reaching the age of manhood was floor the clerks at other with his brand of well-crafted electronic pop-folk composition. since then, he's only managed to catch some run the paper of record, recieve praise in a host of british rags, draw internet comparisons to boards of canada, and land the opening slot on shows with radian. despite all prior successes, homeboy can now rest on the laurels of knowing that he is funwrecker-approved. (at a comparative point in our timelines, i was working at blockbuster and playing lots super mario kart for the snes in order to prepare for college.) make sure you cop his new internerd-only release under the nom de plure "grandma."

- so dude installs statcounter in order to verify he has more than 2 readers and upon completion sees that the true iron man has given me a blogger 3-step handshake. good looking, kid. i can now (possibly) refer to my dozen of readers. we'll spread good will to j montag as well, although i have been informed that this is not him.

- my deadwood game was NOT FOCUSED. while i was on-point for key sililoquoies, i missed the first 12 minutes on 2 seperate viewings. full commentary pending, although i will note that swearengen has officially become this show's greek chorus, while the moral compass/lens has been passed from doc white to mad dog bullock. and if no one is willing to show ex-bella union employee doris some love, she is welcome at the funwrecker mansion.

- another big win for the slept-on gang green. what's more impressive is that they used the way-back machine to travel through space and time in order to play the '01-'02 golden state warriors. yes, i will hate on the (rubber) bullets. no, i do not care that gil arenas may bring arms out.

i have nothing more to add...there's a stack starman trade paperbacks with my name on them. check today for more linkdigging and funny book chatter.



Blogger Chris said...

I guess leaving comments on blogs isn't 'cool' anymore??

Re: the first 10 minutes or so of 'Deadwood,' you didn't miss a whole lot. Doc Coch bandages up a hurtin' Al, while Farnum comes in to inform Al that Bullock is upstairs in the hotel, slammin' the good widow. Bullock suggests that they leave the camp together, or stay there and completely ignore each other. PIMP.

If Doris comes into your posession, I will gladly fork over some sheckles to rent her out...

7:38 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

re: your voicemail

what a fucker.

2:58 PM  

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