Monday, March 21, 2005

married to the game - throw rice

zombi - "taurus"
zombi - "cetus"
zombi - "serpens"
(cosmos, relapse, 2004)

if you believed press releases and capsule albums reviews, then you'd hear the name "zombi" and casually toss off references to horror film scores, argento, jarre, and love affairs with the moog synthesizer. here at the funwrecker mansion, we live to destroy genrefication in all forms. but for the posturing (i.e. uber-metal label, vague cover art, looooooooong press bio), steve moore and a.e. paterra create music that falls somewhere between m83 and rush. the kids seem to enjoy non-technical wankery masquerading as prog (side one of 2112, for real), so maybe zombi can steer them in the right direction. regardless, go see them on their "tour of the cosmos" at great scott in allston on march 29th or the living room in providence on march 30th (both dates supported by ex-there were wires massive disappearer).

- as documented elsewhere, lemon-red and funwrecker had a crossover, joining forces in order to do battle with the smooth sounds of low-bee. yes, i was a little bit intoxicated and, yes, i was running my mouth. pre-game phoenix landing jumpoff was highly entertaining with multiple screens showing the chelsea/crystal palace match, the celtics giving the hornets the 'nolia clap ("admiral nachbar, cover your gills!"), and boston college getting shut dow...who cares? maker's mark had me so very NOT FOCUSED that i wasn't even mad at leaving early.

- speaking of my green-shirted brethren, the tally is now seven straight. despite the fact that many of these victories came at home against subpar competition, there is no possible way to place negative spin on the youth movement (poster night on march 25th against the bulls...big al jefferson on YOUR walls, YAOMING?). without question, the two best moments of the week were as follows: 1) my boy pretty ricky talking all kinds of business at former celtic pine rider milt palacio after he missed a potentially game winning bucket on wednesday; and 2) the truth chugging gallons upon gallons of haterade (and hearing it from the screwston crowd) after getting tossed from the game against the rockets on friday.

- it's official. the clipse remix of "one thing" by amerie has reached peak position on the "stuck inside my head all day"-scrobbler index. drum breaks for days, son, for days. whoever produced this needs to step forward and recieve praise for injecting go-go breaks into this modern world. d.c. go-go jams = the '05 version of b-more house for nerdy obssessives? the new alternative to marching band beats? discuss.

- and a cheer goes up from lemon-red...

- area heads should catch the glow on march 22nd at the middle east upstairs in cambridge. new album drops march 29th and you can cop that here for the princely sum of $6.99. or you can hear new jams on the comp cd inside the lastest issue of vice magazine. for god's sake, just don't sleep, as sleep is the cousin of death (at least that's what nas/greg dulli said).

- street date 3/22/05: queens of the stone age, prefuse 73, and isis remixes will become part of the funwrecker home library. decision pending on decemberists, plus other selected pieces.

- marvel comics is out for paper. honestly, this doesn't surprise me. it will not affect my purchase habits in the least, but that's because i work at a comic book shop.

this is usually the space where i promise to post at a later date. game got real this week, as overtime, st. patrick's day, and revealing my identity got in the way of things. i hope to be back midweek, with oft-promised comic discussion and perhaps some new programming.

brendan funwrecker.


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