Friday, March 04, 2005


caribou - a final warning
caribou - brahminy kite
caribou - yeti

canadian screengaze maestro dan snaith shows us know he (drum)rolls. (and fuck "handsome" dick manitoba too. i'm holding you down, dan.). from the forthcoming album "the milk of human kindness" (domino, april '05). dude is embarking an on extensive 41-date north american tour with junior boys (may 2nd at the iron horse in northampton and may 3rd at the middle east in cambridge for interested area parties...holler?).

- 'toine does it real big. he drops 16 and 13 in a surprisingly unflamboyant return. apparently, the associated press reporter was more interested in the fairly unreported off-court drama of laker unknown kobe bryant. i'm glad the town has jumped back on the c's bandwagon, at least until the red sox play meaningless spring training games next week and become the focus of the entire region. enjoy your week in the sun, employee #8, it's good to have you back.

- danny ainge: respect gangsta or not? the mormon kingpin is on the verge of completing what was essentially a dude who's nickname was "yogi," the corpse of tom gugliotta, a protected first-rounder (cleveland's 2007?), and a ball rack for antoine. also, he pulled this routine with lakers this summer when he swindled them out of key splinter-mongerer marcus banks. how this affects the development of my boy redz delonte remains to be seen.

- "dude, remember that song from dr. mario? the chill one? doot-doot doot doot? yeah, that one. well, you should take that and run it through the computer. yup, i'll yell into a megaphone, and you can lay that on top of it. then, you can call it 'chill riddim' because that's what all these songs sound like to me. all of them." little brother tim on grime tracks. there's no hope for the kids.

- it's the loop digga, yeah, it's the loop digga...

- he's the reason that your earrings is square.

i'll be back sometime next week with some new import material. in the meantime, do yourself a favor and go buy the new dead meadow lp. and do me a favor and buy it here. in addition, if someone could help point me in the direction of some site design or internerd help, i would appreciate it. i'm so serious about it. i couldn't even figure out how put up a .jpg or whatever of antoine doing his gangsta walk. i don't have any computer hacking skills, nor am i sweet with the bo staff. paraphrasing banner, i ain't got nothin'.

brendan funwrecker.


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