Sunday, March 13, 2005

never let you down

ulrich schnauss - "...passing by" (far away trains passing by, city centre offices, 2001)
ulrich schnauss - "gone forever" (a strangely isolated place, c.c.o./domino, 2004)
rachel goswell - "coastline (ulrich schnauss vocal mix)" (coastline/plucked 12", 4AD, 2005)

the funwrecker credo has always been quality over quanity. in keeping with this philosophy, i adopted the policy of less talk is more talk (unless we're talking real talk); hence, only one post for the calendar week. in addition, it could be said that i live in an unstable foundation with pirated cable, no internet, theoretical heat, dead houseplants, and limited floor space (read: my bedroom is referred to as "the nursery"). regardless, i'm back, heat's loaded, and i don't care who's next because i am right now.

tonight, i bring you german wunderkind ulrich schnauss. "so 2004," you say. i see your unclever eye-rolling, and raise you some not-sweating-you-laying-back-in-the-cut. our boy ulrich is about to set the world on fire opening for french crit-rock faves m83, and i think people really need to take notice. for instance, new yorkers can see him redecorate rothko on march 16 (you just an opening act, he's the headliner). shockingly, you will see the phrases "shoegaze," "ambient," and "my bloody valentine" are attached to the man's work. (ed. note: can we just have a fucking moratorium on inappropriate use of these words? it's blatantly misleading and lazy, like comparing every new band joy division, the smiths, and/or the cure. with a hint of the stones...fucking journos. read a thesaurus and listen to more records.) dude remixes ex-slowdive/mojave-3 member rachel goswell, so what's really really good, inner monologue?

- the green be killing 'em. let's be clear about how things work here in the second antoine dynasty. better writers than i will describe the wild mood swings of employee #8's game, but the wednesday's debacle against the hawks is live-to-tape evidence. the game effectively counted as a loss in every concievable category except the final score. i will waste no more time on this matter, sufficed to note that funwrecker says "no fun." by contrast, friday night at the whatthefuckeveritscalledtonight center was the best regular season game in recent memory. i can't shake the feeling that the c's could never pull that off on the road in auburn hills and that the pistons will be better come playoff time. for now, we bask in the glow of postgame revelry, willie maye-style.

- somebody call a.w. merrick, lemon-red done blowed the fuck up!

- this week's episode of the o.c. had a very "saved by the bell feeling" according the queen of the underground. as feb. sweeps goes, so goes ill-fated lesbian romance. it's good to show the kids that an "alternative lifestyle choice" is a trend, disposable like so many trucker hats. apologies also to those who tuned in merely for sweet star wars trailer.

-popeye doyle: mixtape heat for '05. everything about this collection = tight. not one ounce of fat.

- i tried to add a links section to the online meeting place. obviously, i need to try harder ("hopping over chairs like o.j.").

- "like rage against the machine meets the bush doctrine of freedom..."

- attn: roommates; i am not the only dude who can't pay my rent in due time. in fairness, there are no all-ages shows at the funwrecker mansion. but i only came up $15 short on purse time last month.

- knee deep in the bea...err...field recordings.

monday/tuesday's post should be worth your 30-50 seconds of downloading frenzy. for those who know why wednesdays are special, i should have a review of shining knight# 1 and a series overview of amazing joy buzzards.

y'all come back now,
b. funwrecker.


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Hey Funwrecker, when you do your series overview of AJB could you e-mail it to me so I can check it out?


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