Saturday, March 26, 2005


stars - "your ex-lover is dead"
stars - "what i'm trying to say"
(set yourself on fire, arts & crafts, 2005)

from the great white north, stars (along with label/room mate leslie feist), are currently set to rocket into the rarified upper levels of the blogosphere where only m.i.a.'s and arcade fires dare. their website offers a fairly ornate version of the bio, so i don't have to. what i can offer is the testimony of the general public; i put this jawn (correct usage, nelz?) in the hi-fi at the workplace on thursday morning and several copies sold immediately, plus mine own was murked by a co-worker. the album is not surprisingly pop-oriented, with deft touches of synths and keys in a "non-postal service" sort of way. i'll go on record as saying i prefer the vocal stylings of amy millan to ms. feist, but fortunately we live in a world where i don't have to make such choices.

- friday's birthday jumpoff polymorphed into a thursday night fiasco at our house in allston ($2 sixteen-ounce brubakers for serious). we did battle with university lads, hollered at ladies, and listened to bad beastie/grey album blends. thanks to all those who attended (roommates, lauren, et. al) and all those who expressed b-day wishes on the nerd (STARBURY!). no thanks to those boggle-playing university lads (when did it become cool to play board games IN A BAR?) and the cop who left a $30 non-residential ticket on my ride. still, we overcame and did it moderately big. remember, you've finally arrived when you've recieved a drunken, belig, and abusive freestyle on your cell from funwrecker...

- three in a row in the wrong column for my squad, including tonight's heartbreaker in detroit. dem boys was robbed by terrible officiating on wednesday, as the 6 dudes picked up 2 personals and 1 technical each within the opening 30 seconds. someone should have got RON ARTEST (pretty ricky, tony allen...i'm looking in your direction). i'm so serious about it. since when is this dude allowed to perform and1 mixtape off the backboard throwdowns in the second quarter?

- my celtic pride was interrupted tonight by easter egg coloring (125 years in the game, kid!). somebody should tell lauren the girlfriend to step her egg-coloring skills up...oh wait, i just did. OH SNAP!

- from the not (bloody) surprising dept. nasir & dylan? "made you look?" live mp3 rip?

- i recieved the collected edition of teenagers from mars for my birthday. i could review this right now, but i'll wait until completion as i could never find issue #2 and now i have it. for real...rick spears and rob g. kill it.

short update tonight. we return to our REAL BIG ways on sunday, post-family easter dinner and deadwood.



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