Monday, March 21, 2005

you been lying to the fans on your tapes

prefuse 73 - "hideyaface (feat. el-p & ghostface)"
prefuse 73 - "hideyaface (feat. el-p & ghostface) (el-p remix)"
prefuse 73 - "hideyaface reprise (shaolin finale)"
prefuse 73 - "pastel assassins (feat. claudia & alejandra deheza)"
(surrounded by silence, warp, 2005)

yeah, i know. the album has been passed around ftp servers for months now. yup, "hideyaface" is the lead single and available elsewhere online. and yes, the album is out tomorrow. still, scott herren gets respect from funwrecker, so i'll still post a remix and an extra track or two. bottom line: if you can't get excited about ghostface & lazerface collaborating, please do not pass go/do not collect $200, just stop reading. it's worth noting the differences between the two versions of "hideyaface." prefuse hears layered harmonic dissonance where mr. meline (ne' el-p) would build a beat worthy of his nyc/co-flow pedigree. make sure you buy the full-length tomorrow (check the racy cover art) or the "hideyaface" 12" here.

- "ryan from last year would have snuffed that bitch." - roommate dave, on the chino kid's confrontation with lipstick lesbian alex on last week's episode of the o.c. given the "this year is sooo last year" theme of the story, i thought it was apropos. does this mean that both ryan and seth are persona non grata at the bait shop?

- march 25th. at first glance, this means "youth movement" poster night at the newly-christened banknorth garden against the baby bulls. others still speak of something called "good friday" or whatever. here at the funwrecker mansion, march 25th means a little something i like to call DOING IT REAL BIG. house party and/or pirate-themed bowling alley extravanganza, brought to you by myself, the roommates, the queen of the underground, gatorade & whiskey sours, and champagne.

- march 23rd shipping forecast: manhattan guardian #1, expatriate #1, and the usual round-up of marvel/dc books. speaking of morrison, shining knight #1 was vintage, top shelf grant. seriously, morrison has the keen ability to evoke both volumes of storytelling and lifetimes of emotion in mere sentence long exchanges, like some sort of mamet-on-peyote for sequential narrative. as an out-of-work journalist, i'm more than interested in grant's revision of the profession and his modern-day new york city in guardian.

- also from the nerd department: dc ends months of speculation, reveals shocking cover that surprises the 14 comic fans without internet access. since crisis on infinite earths was some of the first funny books i ever read, the nostalgia both excites and disappoints.

- june 17th.

tomorrow will be consumed with fantasy baseball draft. back on wednesday or later, possibly with some madlib beats that rollie put everyone up on today.



Blogger Chris said...

Dude, shows galore...

April 5 - Bloc Party
April 12 - M83 & Ulrich Schnauss
May 4 - Prefuse, Battles, Beans

11:08 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh damn, almost forgot...

May 5 - Caribou, Junior Boys

11:14 PM  

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