Thursday, April 28, 2005

turn your white tee into a tye-dye

nobody - "what is the light?"
nobody - "wake up & smell the millenium"
(and everything else, plug research, 2005)

nobody - "white folding slowly (into blue remix)"
nobody - "images of april (feat. languis)"
(pacific drift, ubiquity, 2003)

prefuse 73 - "la correcion exchange (feat. nobody)"
(surrounded by silence, warp, 2005)

who still kill semi-daily posts? y'all thought i was going to be away for another week, huh?

nobody is actually somebody and that person is elvin estrella. with virtually no biography to speak of, elvin is content to let his catalog talk loud for him. some greenhorns reference pacific drift as his breakthrough work, but veterans know he's been killing it since 2000 and the extremely focused "afternoon focus" twelve-inch on ubiquity. let the journos concentrate on his status as a vinyl junkie and and his psych sample jones while we delve deeper into the sound. mr. estrella's work is marked by waves upon waves of analog sound and widescreen breaks and never has this been more apparent than on his forthcoming offerering and everything else. listen to "wake up & smell the millenium" on headphones and prepare for elementary school style hearing test. the new album drops on may 17th and the prefuse bonus beats are already available worldwide.

- your boy got very dismayed when chauncey billups dropped off face the earth and bill simmons moved to cali and just plain fell off. where does one go for a fix of nba realness? well, simmons seemingly has returned to his old form and we can now welcome empire state paul rizzy and greece lightning to the game. there is nothing casual about following the new york knicks over the past several seasons, so you know he is trill.

- speaking of hoop, the celts face off against the pacers in midwest time zone tonight. looks like you can add stephen jackson to the list of pacers who walk with an unintentional limp. i will call for the head of doc rivers if the young guns on the bench are not used properly, including many offensive touches in the post for this manchild in the promised land.

- despite being hurt, big schill dog is still hurting feelings.

- thursday bay state options: dynasty 2-year anniversary bonanza at great scott or JUELZ MOTHERFUCKING SANTANA at club miami in springfield (2 hour drive, for serious).

finally...may 6th: focused like bananas.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

you know the difference between us and them? we us and they them and that's that...pretty much

populous - "my winter vacation (feat. dose one)"
populous - "the dixie saga"
(queue for love, morr music, 2005)

sam prekop - "chicago people"
sam prekop - "c + f"
(who's your new professor?, thrill jockey, 2005)

i'd apologize for a decided lack of promptness on updates, but sunshine waits for no man. in that vein, i present more certified warm weather jams for springtime. populous is the missing link between the caribou/four tet and the prefuse 73 strands of indie hip hop instrumental dna. homeboy's album queue for love lands on our vast american shores on may 3rd. dose turns in a fairly typical vocal performance over the wide open beats of "my winter vacation," while "dixie saga" brings the reverb guitar sample to the video game glitch. the thrill jockey post-grad core comes courtesy of the sea & cake frontman sam prekop and his circa march release who's your new professor? although the album features windy city regulars like john mcentire, archer prewitt, and rob mazurek, this new batch of indie-pop gems from prekop & co. just feels different. "c +f" has a little handclap/snare interaction that is quite tasty, but "chicago people" maintains vintage the sea & cake guitar tones and faux bossa tempo.

- somehow, i stopped paying attention to things for a few minutes last evening and ended up at the avalon to see paul westerberg, with handsome ryan and roommate dave in the cut. after running into dj mark v and about 306 newbury comics employees, i finally made my way into the proceedings just in time to catch paul run through about 2 and 1/2 hours worth of solo jams and 'mats karaoke. lowlights: the drunken couple dry-humping each other in front of me THE. ENTIRE. NIGHT.; "if i had a hammer" cover; and 7 pm doors (the sun was still out). REAL BIG: seamless "alex chilton"/"left of the dial" encore closer, "let the bad times roll," "a litttle mascara," double time speed on the final verse of "i will dare," and paul busting out "borstal breakout" by sham 69.

- unless you're a resident of the commonwealth of massachusetts, you might not understand this next portion. is there anything better than being in the fens when the sox are playing, there's a good show on lansdowne, and the temperature is just right for a t-shirt and a hoodie? across town, the celtics had a home playoff game. sometimes, everything is right in the world.

- of course, the green team and your 2004 world champions lost both games. with whiteboy succumbing to an inevitable injury, the door is wide open for wade miller to step his surgically repaired game up. i predict a few horrawful ("that's horrible and awful together," courtesy shaquille o'neal) john halama (career high of 14 wins like, 4-5 seasons ago? sweeeeet) starts before young wade gets his shine on. and can i please i get an amen on misinformed celtics criticism? sports radio braintrust featured a bevy of callers talking about how "walker and pierce's window of opportunity is closing" (seriously, sully in the car on the cell said this phrase about 2 dozen times in 6 minutes). glad to see that you tuned in for the playoffs, please keep employee #8's name OUT OF YR GODDAMN MOUTH. it's been said that a playoff series does not begin until the road team wins on the opponent's home floor. well, indiana v. boston is officially on. get ready for 6 or 7 games.

- "my boys are coming out with me tonight! they all have striped shirts too!"

- cam stays icy on purpose (via catchdubs).

- translation loss records is putting in some work. this is the best "metal" label nobody ever heard of; they're not even stocked at the workplace. a rundown of quality product available for purchase with well-concealed cash or money order: mouth of the architect - time and withering (isis, envy, etc.); theta - tone poem for sad times (space rock in the building); and byla - s/t (ambient guitar bliss). i am so serious about it: byla - "closer to the center passage."

- more nba playoffs essential reading: the all-ugly team and bill simmons on-point playoff survivor.

- special wednesday boston area get down: burning brides burn it down (HA!) for the blackout bar faithful at great scott in allston. lauren the girlfriend says: "they are the loudest band i have ever seen."

- lots of comic books this week, none bigger than new avengers #5 and flash #221. if my employer sees fit to stock the four-letter worlds and second volume of flight, then i will also give them the once over.

finally, lock up your daughters, long island. young tim havok will be attending hofstra university, beginning in the fall of 2005. to quote tony starks, YEAH KID!


p.s. paul westerberg - "positively 4th street"

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i'm a sorta of a long distance brother

tom vek - "i ain't saying my goodbyes" (tummy touch, 2005)
the do me bad things - "time for deliverance" (wea/atlantic, 2005)

my sabbatical with options has concluded. free association for the past 8 days: baby girl, boston, providence, new york city, hoboken, north jersey, emergency room, warehouses, barrooms, clubs, moshing, get down, fighting, staph infection, maker's mark, jameson, johnnie walker (red & black), record shopping, milkshakes, diners, traffic, mixtapes, nikes, etc. this isn't a diary, so i'm not telling stories. today, i return with some import material that has the notorious uk music press corps, yet not the internet, going nuts. despite sounding like a full band racket, tom vek is merely one man in the struggle, though it's a very no-wave, danceable fight. "i ain't saying my goodbyes" is a certified top ten single of zero-five candidate. in other news, the scissor sisters, andrew w.k., the darkness, and the original cast of the rocky horror picture show had sex and would like to announce the birth of their hydraheaded love child, the do me bad things. if that description sounds uncharitable, it's partially intended. "time for deliverance" clearly performs only one trick, but it is still an interesting pony. consumers should murk here and here.

- new york city on this friday past. the hosts at 13 little devils were so entirely focused, even though chris lemon-red was not. catchdubs and them stencil bwoys put it down, producing seperate new mixtapes that you should seek out immediately. HOW-EVER (stephen a. smith, holler), the exclusive 48-minute triple trouble mix is unfuckwithable. good looking out to all parties involved and heed this advance warning on the catch/certified bananas at the enormous room in cambridge in may.

- solid week in the nerd factory: klarion #1, ex machina #10, superman #215, teen titans #23, omac#1, and so on and so forth. for those of you seeking preview heat, rick spears talks about doing it real big on his new project dead west, most anticipated neo-western since deadwood. except with the u.s. calvalry battling zombies. and a eastwood "man with no name" bosslike figure lurking in the mix.

- did somebody say deadwood? step on my foot in the breakfast line, we'll see what happens...I GET CHAR-LIE UTTER.

- insightful college journo breaks bread with vice records. i will co-sign vice honcho adam shore's comments on nuevo yuppiehood. discussions with roommates at the funwrecker mansion about interest rates, mortgages, property ownership, and the like have my immature head swimming. add to this late night ramblings on illuminati conspiracies involving volkswagon, apple, ikea, and sub pop records...then the picture becomes clear.

- though it was short-lived, warm weather made a cursory appearance today. i got worried when i saw FUCKING SNOW last tuesday. anyway, your springtime late night northern soul jam is "snowden" by doves. those mancunians really aren't fond of verbose lyrics, huh? wordless choruses and technically ill bass riffs make up for a whole lot and carry you though long passages of interstate 95 in connecticut. get familiar before this jawn is marred by an appearance on a hour-long network drama soundtrack and becomes part of the neo-yuppie agenda.

normal posting to resume this week, with local show chatter, red sox commentary, and a trill perspective on the celts/pacers matchup. continue the weekend re-up trend. until then, stay focused.

brendan motherfucking funwrecker.

Monday, April 11, 2005

it's kind of like monopoly, the way you buy up the property

miss fairchild - "one love (p-nice mashup feat. mary j.)"
miss fairchild - "everybody here wants you" (jeff buckley)
dj p-nice - "rap game (feat. erlend oye)"

as advertised, your boy was in attendence for the miss fairchild jumpoff at the middle east upstairs on sunday night. using the jazze pha voice, "ooohhh wwweee." fairchild is a three-piece combo consisting of dj p-nice on the decks and sax, wrall skills on narratives/game-spitting, and cornerman g. dunlap ("emphasis on the 'lap'") on flute, back-ups, and mean cosby faces. key descriptive terms include: new jack swing, big breaks, hipster female mannequin, choreographed dance moves, james brown, chopped guitar solos, polyester suits, morris day & the time, sweet light show, and handclaps. though the body will immediately become enslaved to the circa '92 beats, the mind will actually fall in love with this band somewhere between the "peppermint stick" jawn, covers of "feels good," and double-time clapping. my words cannot do these folks justice. bookmark the website, order a long player, and catch them in your area.

- after you scope miss fairchild & dj p-nice, head on over to certified bananas to complete the trill-ogy. i may have overheard something about a bananas/catchdubs party over at the enormous room on may 6th?

- "you should be studying your (ninth) arts, but instead you were studying me." just gotham central #30, athiest #1, & powers #10 (plus the usual ultimate fare) for me.

- so take those fairchild jams, grab your old prince records, mix in a dancefloor filler from united state of electronica (u.s.e. - "it is on!"), and wake up the neighbors.

- TITO, COME BACK QUICK! so you're telling me whiteboy is too old and broken down to hack it? you know what else would be good? another 9th inning loss. i wish there was a huge ring presentation and a crucial series against the yankees starting tomorrow to take my mind off all this...oh wait.

- meanwhile, gang green is scuffling as well. always good when a dude who admits to not always playing his hardest drops 45 points on your squad in an embarassing loss against your most likely playoff bound conference arch-nemesis. good thing they don't have clutch games against the heat and the sixers this week. fuck.

- speaking of the association, is it time to file a missing persons report for the man known as chauncey billups? come back, mayne, the game needs you! in the meantime, bill simmons gets his act together for five minutes and writes one of his classic old school nba columns, but it just isn't the same.

- the new edan lp "the beauty and the beat" arrived on march 22nd and the jury is still out on its overall hotness. conflicting feelings aside, i can heartily recommend "fumbling over words that rhyme" for car stereo bumping and history teaching. (long distance dedication: this one is for my boy marcus, currently holding it down on the left coast.)

back on tuesday, after i finally grab those isis remixes.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

i bring grams to the crackers like s'mores

out hud - "it's for you"
out hud - "one life to leave"
out hud - "how long?"
(let us never speak of it again, kranky, 2005)

nobody really needs background on out hud, right? their whirlwind east coast/great lakes promotional junket hit t.t. the bear's in cambridge and the living room in providence this week, but i was back on my grind both nights. the new album features the addition of female vocals and strings, which has caused a hate it or love it reaction among devotees. "one life to leave" was the preordained single, but the internet went nuts for "it's for you." northeast travellers should be advised that they are playing philly on april 22nd and n.y.c. on april 23rd, so please attend and get down with the political no-wave side project stylings.

back to the drama. we drank alone at camp funwrecker and kept company with my dog. no, really (cairn terrier named scooter, holler at a real soldier). due to lack of focus, i will withhold sox/c's commentary until a later date.

- read here. buy here. run the road is merely the gateway drug.

- miss fairchild tomorrow night at the middle east upstairs in cambridge. i heard they're certified bananas...OH SNAP.

- while we're spreading love, go see dj mark v on wednesdays at great scott in allston. dude has the punk rock disco on smash.

- oh yeah and thangs, there's the small matter of DOING IT REAL BIG ON APRIL 15TH. save the date, go greyhound, and get down.

and that's about all i'm capable of tonight. plus, there's this new moz piece to enjoy. sports, comics, o.c., deadwood, fairchild wrap-up later on.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

so don't make it a me or you situation

normally i don't do this, but i'm gonna hit you off with a taste of the remix...

- bloc party at the 'dise last night. internerd superstar chris lemon-red and i made the scene, despite missing some opening bands. i think i'm losing my edge or something, but there were in fact lots of younger "kids" (ed. note: your boy is now 24 years young) and i felt as though i had fallen and could not get up (i.e. broken "hip" me get meta). regardless, kele and the boys brought a serviceable groove to the proceedings, with minor objections:

1) they only have like 15 songs in the catalog and only 12 of them are feasible in a live setting. therefore, scheduling an encore should not be part of the bloc repetoire yet.
2) they showed their relative youth as a touring band on stage. kele was pandering to the crowd and forcing awkward stage banter. their bass player was both NOT FOCUSED and disenchanted with the atmosphere (and american lager). neither of these things affected the quality of the musicianship, but it was slightly jarring to hear one of them attempting to bait american girls in "going wild."

regardless, there were some fairly compelling moments (opening with a letter perfect rendition of "like eating glass," sweet distortion/feedback bursts in the encore, spontaneously generated audience clapping & participation, etc.). throw in some huge pizza slices and overpriced merch, then everyone goes home happy.

- sadly, young havoc's nuggets squad was bested in the finals of league play this evening, 47 - 40. the game was much closer than the final score suggests, with the outcome in question during the final minute. tim dropped 6 points, racked a clutch (i'm not sure this is a plural noun...) of rebounds, and had some key defensive stops in the losing cause. good looking out, kid.

- in more inclusive news, the hometown team got on the board today. i missed most of the telecast as i was working, but i got some of the radio feed. the sports radio mafia was ready to pencil the team into the world series, but my fears have not been put to rest. if a-rod doesn't bobble that grounder..., renteria's game-winning baseknock was weak, millar is laid up, tito is already having a coronary, blahzay blah. apparently the c's pulled it together in the 4th to beat an inferior team, but i was engaged elsewhere. big games next week against the sixers and the heat will recapture my fickle attentions.

- "picture perfect, you might take a flick-flick-flick-flick?" nice 'folio here, plus understood clipse references. it's good to know you're not alone in a universe of deadwood parties, wrestling masks, and mixtape jawns.

- somehow millarworld reopened and it escaped my attention. huzzah!

normal mp3 posts resume on...well, whenever i find a real computer with nerd capabilities again. most likely saturday, but don't save the date.


p.s. venetian snares - "szamar madar"

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


- "we're on pace to lose 162 games this season." - tim havoc
- "theo better make a trade." - father funwrecker
- "do i need to remind you that this is only the second game of the season? i'm working on a story and i can't do this in my cell phone right now." - lauren the girlfriend

i got a homey streetsweeper & his cousin is tech

comets on fire - "the bee & the cracking egg"
comets on fire - "pussyfootin' the duke"
comets on fire - "antlers of the midnight sun"
(blue cathedral, 2004, sub pop)

from one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2004, we check in with them sucka free city/oakland bay area bwoys comets on fire. blue cathedral represents the 3rd release in the comets catalog, as well as their first on indie major sub pop. the intriguing part of this record is all the terms that could be used to describe it. depending on your reference point, this was the best stoner-psyche-metal-jazz-70's rawk-punk-whatever album of recent memory. it's been said that comets are a charter member of the audioblog hype fraternity, but i don't recall seeing too many people doing backflips over this last summer, perhaps other than these dudes. of the 3 tracks offered above, "the bee..." stands out the most, in spite of the sabbath stomp of "...midnight sun" and the sprawling instrumental "...the duke." there's been no announcement of a spring/summer tour yet, but keep your ears to the ground. more specifically, june or july.

- small first week for april '05. only intimates #6. and y: the last man #32. and zatanna #1. and walking dead #17. and...ok, maybe it's not so bad.

- if you're feeling a lack of comic books in your life this (or any other) week, go out drop 20 bones on teenagers from mars. after getting the trade, i was finally able to read all 8 issues and i found it quite predictably awesome. key terms include: grave robbing, vandalism, zombie movies, punk rock, "art as obscenity" debate, the comic book liberation army. COMIC BOOK LIBERATION ARMY. based on the strength of that phrase, i shouldn't have to try and sell this to ANYONE. and buy the new spears/rob g. joint dead west in june. zombie westerns = REAL TALK. next up on my funny book blog list is the first four adventures of the amazing joy buzzards and this time i mean it.

- i just don't know what to do with myself, bacharach steez. if i sound at all insane at the moment, it's because i just watched derek jeter take the 7TH MOTHERFUCKING PITCH OF HIS AT-BAT IN THE 9TH INNING OVER THE RIGHT FIELD WALL. the only thing neither the sox nor the yanks could afford was to open the season on the recieving end of a sweep. the worst thing is that nobody seems to care. not even the sports guy. maybe i should spend more time with my panicked brethren.

- luckily for me, tim havoc is playing the in championship final of the biddy league playoffs wednesday night. in his senior season, young tim has lead his nuggets squad to the promised land, with a comfortable victory on a saturday night. 8 pm tip @ the elementary school cage, for all those who care. get buckets, tim, BUCK-ETS!.

- more from the amateur hoops dept: sign spotted in the crowd last night during the ncaa men's championship game reading, "call the may-o clinic - sean's game is SICK!" i'm all for cerebral sports fans, but comparing your star player's skills to cancer on the sickness scale is probably in poor taste. of course, red sox bootleg t-shirts are always in good taste.

- tonight, we do it somewhat big: bloc party @ the paradise. we roll deep with thug-lite nelson and perhaps other associates (roommate dave?). of course, i will have a show recap sometime this week.

- i missed lightning bolt at great scott in allston last night. i will attone by possibly attending the daughters/locust show at the living room in providence on tuesday next week. i guess this is probably a good time to spread hella love (april 7th, at the living room with out hud): "home on the arrange," "i'm quitting the cult," "bodyguards harmonic," and "we was just boys, living in a dead ass german shepard" (all jawns off new double lp church gone wild/chirpin' hard).

- award-winning journalist lauren lane has a new home for north jersey readers. links and articles might be provided later this week. congratulations are in order. the girl got her journo grind on this week, picking up two full-time jobs in one week. meanwhile, my journalism/poli sci undergrad and i still work here.

- pitchfork shows love to "the engine driver." 5-star general, indeed. and that song is still stuck in my head.

4 days after seeing it and i'm still not adequately prepared to comment on sin city. expect that, plus the usual assortment of not focused link-diggery later on. unless the red sox kill me tomorrow. it's too early in the season for this...