Saturday, April 09, 2005

i bring grams to the crackers like s'mores

out hud - "it's for you"
out hud - "one life to leave"
out hud - "how long?"
(let us never speak of it again, kranky, 2005)

nobody really needs background on out hud, right? their whirlwind east coast/great lakes promotional junket hit t.t. the bear's in cambridge and the living room in providence this week, but i was back on my grind both nights. the new album features the addition of female vocals and strings, which has caused a hate it or love it reaction among devotees. "one life to leave" was the preordained single, but the internet went nuts for "it's for you." northeast travellers should be advised that they are playing philly on april 22nd and n.y.c. on april 23rd, so please attend and get down with the political no-wave side project stylings.

back to the drama. we drank alone at camp funwrecker and kept company with my dog. no, really (cairn terrier named scooter, holler at a real soldier). due to lack of focus, i will withhold sox/c's commentary until a later date.

- read here. buy here. run the road is merely the gateway drug.

- miss fairchild tomorrow night at the middle east upstairs in cambridge. i heard they're certified bananas...OH SNAP.

- while we're spreading love, go see dj mark v on wednesdays at great scott in allston. dude has the punk rock disco on smash.

- oh yeah and thangs, there's the small matter of DOING IT REAL BIG ON APRIL 15TH. save the date, go greyhound, and get down.

and that's about all i'm capable of tonight. plus, there's this new moz piece to enjoy. sports, comics, o.c., deadwood, fairchild wrap-up later on.



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