Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i got a homey streetsweeper & his cousin is tech

comets on fire - "the bee & the cracking egg"
comets on fire - "pussyfootin' the duke"
comets on fire - "antlers of the midnight sun"
(blue cathedral, 2004, sub pop)

from one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2004, we check in with them sucka free city/oakland bay area bwoys comets on fire. blue cathedral represents the 3rd release in the comets catalog, as well as their first on indie major sub pop. the intriguing part of this record is all the terms that could be used to describe it. depending on your reference point, this was the best stoner-psyche-metal-jazz-70's rawk-punk-whatever album of recent memory. it's been said that comets are a charter member of the audioblog hype fraternity, but i don't recall seeing too many people doing backflips over this last summer, perhaps other than these dudes. of the 3 tracks offered above, "the bee..." stands out the most, in spite of the sabbath stomp of "...midnight sun" and the sprawling instrumental "...the duke." there's been no announcement of a spring/summer tour yet, but keep your ears to the ground. more specifically, june or july.

- small first week for april '05. only intimates #6. and y: the last man #32. and zatanna #1. and walking dead #17. and...ok, maybe it's not so bad.

- if you're feeling a lack of comic books in your life this (or any other) week, go out drop 20 bones on teenagers from mars. after getting the trade, i was finally able to read all 8 issues and i found it quite predictably awesome. key terms include: grave robbing, vandalism, zombie movies, punk rock, "art as obscenity" debate, the comic book liberation army. COMIC BOOK LIBERATION ARMY. based on the strength of that phrase, i shouldn't have to try and sell this to ANYONE. and buy the new spears/rob g. joint dead west in june. zombie westerns = REAL TALK. next up on my funny book blog list is the first four adventures of the amazing joy buzzards and this time i mean it.

- i just don't know what to do with myself, bacharach steez. if i sound at all insane at the moment, it's because i just watched derek jeter take the 7TH MOTHERFUCKING PITCH OF HIS AT-BAT IN THE 9TH INNING OVER THE RIGHT FIELD WALL. the only thing neither the sox nor the yanks could afford was to open the season on the recieving end of a sweep. the worst thing is that nobody seems to care. not even the sports guy. maybe i should spend more time with my panicked brethren.

- luckily for me, tim havoc is playing the in championship final of the biddy league playoffs wednesday night. in his senior season, young tim has lead his nuggets squad to the promised land, with a comfortable victory on a saturday night. 8 pm tip @ the elementary school cage, for all those who care. get buckets, tim, BUCK-ETS!.

- more from the amateur hoops dept: sign spotted in the crowd last night during the ncaa men's championship game reading, "call the may-o clinic - sean's game is SICK!" i'm all for cerebral sports fans, but comparing your star player's skills to cancer on the sickness scale is probably in poor taste. of course, red sox bootleg t-shirts are always in good taste.

- tonight, we do it somewhat big: bloc party @ the paradise. we roll deep with thug-lite nelson and perhaps other associates (roommate dave?). of course, i will have a show recap sometime this week.

- i missed lightning bolt at great scott in allston last night. i will attone by possibly attending the daughters/locust show at the living room in providence on tuesday next week. i guess this is probably a good time to spread hella love (april 7th, at the living room with out hud): "home on the arrange," "i'm quitting the cult," "bodyguards harmonic," and "we was just boys, living in a dead ass german shepard" (all jawns off new double lp church gone wild/chirpin' hard).

- award-winning journalist lauren lane has a new home for north jersey readers. links and articles might be provided later this week. congratulations are in order. the girl got her journo grind on this week, picking up two full-time jobs in one week. meanwhile, my journalism/poli sci undergrad and i still work here.

- pitchfork shows love to "the engine driver." 5-star general, indeed. and that song is still stuck in my head.

4 days after seeing it and i'm still not adequately prepared to comment on sin city. expect that, plus the usual assortment of not focused link-diggery later on. unless the red sox kill me tomorrow. it's too early in the season for this...



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