Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i'm a sorta of a long distance brother

tom vek - "i ain't saying my goodbyes" (tummy touch, 2005)
the do me bad things - "time for deliverance" (wea/atlantic, 2005)

my sabbatical with options has concluded. free association for the past 8 days: baby girl, boston, providence, new york city, hoboken, north jersey, emergency room, warehouses, barrooms, clubs, moshing, get down, fighting, staph infection, maker's mark, jameson, johnnie walker (red & black), record shopping, milkshakes, diners, traffic, mixtapes, nikes, etc. this isn't a diary, so i'm not telling stories. today, i return with some import material that has the notorious uk music press corps, yet not the internet, going nuts. despite sounding like a full band racket, tom vek is merely one man in the struggle, though it's a very no-wave, danceable fight. "i ain't saying my goodbyes" is a certified top ten single of zero-five candidate. in other news, the scissor sisters, andrew w.k., the darkness, and the original cast of the rocky horror picture show had sex and would like to announce the birth of their hydraheaded love child, the do me bad things. if that description sounds uncharitable, it's partially intended. "time for deliverance" clearly performs only one trick, but it is still an interesting pony. consumers should murk here and here.

- new york city on this friday past. the hosts at 13 little devils were so entirely focused, even though chris lemon-red was not. catchdubs and them stencil bwoys put it down, producing seperate new mixtapes that you should seek out immediately. HOW-EVER (stephen a. smith, holler), the exclusive 48-minute triple trouble mix is unfuckwithable. good looking out to all parties involved and heed this advance warning on the catch/certified bananas at the enormous room in cambridge in may.

- solid week in the nerd factory: klarion #1, ex machina #10, superman #215, teen titans #23, omac#1, and so on and so forth. for those of you seeking preview heat, rick spears talks about doing it real big on his new project dead west, most anticipated neo-western since deadwood. except with the u.s. calvalry battling zombies. and a eastwood "man with no name" bosslike figure lurking in the mix.

- did somebody say deadwood? step on my foot in the breakfast line, we'll see what happens...I GET CHAR-LIE UTTER.

- insightful college journo breaks bread with vice records. i will co-sign vice honcho adam shore's comments on nuevo yuppiehood. discussions with roommates at the funwrecker mansion about interest rates, mortgages, property ownership, and the like have my immature head swimming. add to this late night ramblings on illuminati conspiracies involving volkswagon, apple, ikea, and sub pop records...then the picture becomes clear.

- though it was short-lived, warm weather made a cursory appearance today. i got worried when i saw FUCKING SNOW last tuesday. anyway, your springtime late night northern soul jam is "snowden" by doves. those mancunians really aren't fond of verbose lyrics, huh? wordless choruses and technically ill bass riffs make up for a whole lot and carry you though long passages of interstate 95 in connecticut. get familiar before this jawn is marred by an appearance on a hour-long network drama soundtrack and becomes part of the neo-yuppie agenda.

normal posting to resume this week, with local show chatter, red sox commentary, and a trill perspective on the celts/pacers matchup. continue the weekend re-up trend. until then, stay focused.

brendan motherfucking funwrecker.


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