Monday, April 11, 2005

it's kind of like monopoly, the way you buy up the property

miss fairchild - "one love (p-nice mashup feat. mary j.)"
miss fairchild - "everybody here wants you" (jeff buckley)
dj p-nice - "rap game (feat. erlend oye)"

as advertised, your boy was in attendence for the miss fairchild jumpoff at the middle east upstairs on sunday night. using the jazze pha voice, "ooohhh wwweee." fairchild is a three-piece combo consisting of dj p-nice on the decks and sax, wrall skills on narratives/game-spitting, and cornerman g. dunlap ("emphasis on the 'lap'") on flute, back-ups, and mean cosby faces. key descriptive terms include: new jack swing, big breaks, hipster female mannequin, choreographed dance moves, james brown, chopped guitar solos, polyester suits, morris day & the time, sweet light show, and handclaps. though the body will immediately become enslaved to the circa '92 beats, the mind will actually fall in love with this band somewhere between the "peppermint stick" jawn, covers of "feels good," and double-time clapping. my words cannot do these folks justice. bookmark the website, order a long player, and catch them in your area.

- after you scope miss fairchild & dj p-nice, head on over to certified bananas to complete the trill-ogy. i may have overheard something about a bananas/catchdubs party over at the enormous room on may 6th?

- "you should be studying your (ninth) arts, but instead you were studying me." just gotham central #30, athiest #1, & powers #10 (plus the usual ultimate fare) for me.

- so take those fairchild jams, grab your old prince records, mix in a dancefloor filler from united state of electronica (u.s.e. - "it is on!"), and wake up the neighbors.

- TITO, COME BACK QUICK! so you're telling me whiteboy is too old and broken down to hack it? you know what else would be good? another 9th inning loss. i wish there was a huge ring presentation and a crucial series against the yankees starting tomorrow to take my mind off all this...oh wait.

- meanwhile, gang green is scuffling as well. always good when a dude who admits to not always playing his hardest drops 45 points on your squad in an embarassing loss against your most likely playoff bound conference arch-nemesis. good thing they don't have clutch games against the heat and the sixers this week. fuck.

- speaking of the association, is it time to file a missing persons report for the man known as chauncey billups? come back, mayne, the game needs you! in the meantime, bill simmons gets his act together for five minutes and writes one of his classic old school nba columns, but it just isn't the same.

- the new edan lp "the beauty and the beat" arrived on march 22nd and the jury is still out on its overall hotness. conflicting feelings aside, i can heartily recommend "fumbling over words that rhyme" for car stereo bumping and history teaching. (long distance dedication: this one is for my boy marcus, currently holding it down on the left coast.)

back on tuesday, after i finally grab those isis remixes.



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