Wednesday, April 06, 2005

so don't make it a me or you situation

normally i don't do this, but i'm gonna hit you off with a taste of the remix...

- bloc party at the 'dise last night. internerd superstar chris lemon-red and i made the scene, despite missing some opening bands. i think i'm losing my edge or something, but there were in fact lots of younger "kids" (ed. note: your boy is now 24 years young) and i felt as though i had fallen and could not get up (i.e. broken "hip" me get meta). regardless, kele and the boys brought a serviceable groove to the proceedings, with minor objections:

1) they only have like 15 songs in the catalog and only 12 of them are feasible in a live setting. therefore, scheduling an encore should not be part of the bloc repetoire yet.
2) they showed their relative youth as a touring band on stage. kele was pandering to the crowd and forcing awkward stage banter. their bass player was both NOT FOCUSED and disenchanted with the atmosphere (and american lager). neither of these things affected the quality of the musicianship, but it was slightly jarring to hear one of them attempting to bait american girls in "going wild."

regardless, there were some fairly compelling moments (opening with a letter perfect rendition of "like eating glass," sweet distortion/feedback bursts in the encore, spontaneously generated audience clapping & participation, etc.). throw in some huge pizza slices and overpriced merch, then everyone goes home happy.

- sadly, young havoc's nuggets squad was bested in the finals of league play this evening, 47 - 40. the game was much closer than the final score suggests, with the outcome in question during the final minute. tim dropped 6 points, racked a clutch (i'm not sure this is a plural noun...) of rebounds, and had some key defensive stops in the losing cause. good looking out, kid.

- in more inclusive news, the hometown team got on the board today. i missed most of the telecast as i was working, but i got some of the radio feed. the sports radio mafia was ready to pencil the team into the world series, but my fears have not been put to rest. if a-rod doesn't bobble that grounder..., renteria's game-winning baseknock was weak, millar is laid up, tito is already having a coronary, blahzay blah. apparently the c's pulled it together in the 4th to beat an inferior team, but i was engaged elsewhere. big games next week against the sixers and the heat will recapture my fickle attentions.

- "picture perfect, you might take a flick-flick-flick-flick?" nice 'folio here, plus understood clipse references. it's good to know you're not alone in a universe of deadwood parties, wrestling masks, and mixtape jawns.

- somehow millarworld reopened and it escaped my attention. huzzah!

normal mp3 posts resume on...well, whenever i find a real computer with nerd capabilities again. most likely saturday, but don't save the date.


p.s. venetian snares - "szamar madar"


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