Thursday, April 28, 2005

turn your white tee into a tye-dye

nobody - "what is the light?"
nobody - "wake up & smell the millenium"
(and everything else, plug research, 2005)

nobody - "white folding slowly (into blue remix)"
nobody - "images of april (feat. languis)"
(pacific drift, ubiquity, 2003)

prefuse 73 - "la correcion exchange (feat. nobody)"
(surrounded by silence, warp, 2005)

who still kill semi-daily posts? y'all thought i was going to be away for another week, huh?

nobody is actually somebody and that person is elvin estrella. with virtually no biography to speak of, elvin is content to let his catalog talk loud for him. some greenhorns reference pacific drift as his breakthrough work, but veterans know he's been killing it since 2000 and the extremely focused "afternoon focus" twelve-inch on ubiquity. let the journos concentrate on his status as a vinyl junkie and and his psych sample jones while we delve deeper into the sound. mr. estrella's work is marked by waves upon waves of analog sound and widescreen breaks and never has this been more apparent than on his forthcoming offerering and everything else. listen to "wake up & smell the millenium" on headphones and prepare for elementary school style hearing test. the new album drops on may 17th and the prefuse bonus beats are already available worldwide.

- your boy got very dismayed when chauncey billups dropped off face the earth and bill simmons moved to cali and just plain fell off. where does one go for a fix of nba realness? well, simmons seemingly has returned to his old form and we can now welcome empire state paul rizzy and greece lightning to the game. there is nothing casual about following the new york knicks over the past several seasons, so you know he is trill.

- speaking of hoop, the celts face off against the pacers in midwest time zone tonight. looks like you can add stephen jackson to the list of pacers who walk with an unintentional limp. i will call for the head of doc rivers if the young guns on the bench are not used properly, including many offensive touches in the post for this manchild in the promised land.

- despite being hurt, big schill dog is still hurting feelings.

- thursday bay state options: dynasty 2-year anniversary bonanza at great scott or JUELZ MOTHERFUCKING SANTANA at club miami in springfield (2 hour drive, for serious).

finally...may 6th: focused like bananas.



Blogger Paul Rizzy said...

Thanks for the love (no homo), yeah I expect big thing for Al, and Pierce should have his way with Wacko Jacko banged up.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Paul's site sent me over to this one and now I'ma have to read it consistently. Nice job, dude.

4:11 PM  
Blogger nope said...


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