Tuesday, April 26, 2005

you know the difference between us and them? we us and they them and that's that...pretty much

populous - "my winter vacation (feat. dose one)"
populous - "the dixie saga"
(queue for love, morr music, 2005)

sam prekop - "chicago people"
sam prekop - "c + f"
(who's your new professor?, thrill jockey, 2005)

i'd apologize for a decided lack of promptness on updates, but sunshine waits for no man. in that vein, i present more certified warm weather jams for springtime. populous is the missing link between the caribou/four tet and the prefuse 73 strands of indie hip hop instrumental dna. homeboy's album queue for love lands on our vast american shores on may 3rd. dose turns in a fairly typical vocal performance over the wide open beats of "my winter vacation," while "dixie saga" brings the reverb guitar sample to the video game glitch. the thrill jockey post-grad core comes courtesy of the sea & cake frontman sam prekop and his circa march release who's your new professor? although the album features windy city regulars like john mcentire, archer prewitt, and rob mazurek, this new batch of indie-pop gems from prekop & co. just feels different. "c +f" has a little handclap/snare interaction that is quite tasty, but "chicago people" maintains vintage the sea & cake guitar tones and faux bossa tempo.

- somehow, i stopped paying attention to things for a few minutes last evening and ended up at the avalon to see paul westerberg, with handsome ryan and roommate dave in the cut. after running into dj mark v and about 306 newbury comics employees, i finally made my way into the proceedings just in time to catch paul run through about 2 and 1/2 hours worth of solo jams and 'mats karaoke. lowlights: the drunken couple dry-humping each other in front of me THE. ENTIRE. NIGHT.; "if i had a hammer" cover; and 7 pm doors (the sun was still out). REAL BIG: seamless "alex chilton"/"left of the dial" encore closer, "let the bad times roll," "a litttle mascara," double time speed on the final verse of "i will dare," and paul busting out "borstal breakout" by sham 69.

- unless you're a resident of the commonwealth of massachusetts, you might not understand this next portion. is there anything better than being in the fens when the sox are playing, there's a good show on lansdowne, and the temperature is just right for a t-shirt and a hoodie? across town, the celtics had a home playoff game. sometimes, everything is right in the world.

- of course, the green team and your 2004 world champions lost both games. with whiteboy succumbing to an inevitable injury, the door is wide open for wade miller to step his surgically repaired game up. i predict a few horrawful ("that's horrible and awful together," courtesy shaquille o'neal) john halama (career high of 14 wins like, 4-5 seasons ago? sweeeeet) starts before young wade gets his shine on. and can i please i get an amen on misinformed celtics criticism? sports radio braintrust featured a bevy of callers talking about how "walker and pierce's window of opportunity is closing" (seriously, sully in the car on the cell said this phrase about 2 dozen times in 6 minutes). glad to see that you tuned in for the playoffs, please keep employee #8's name OUT OF YR GODDAMN MOUTH. it's been said that a playoff series does not begin until the road team wins on the opponent's home floor. well, indiana v. boston is officially on. get ready for 6 or 7 games.

- "my boys are coming out with me tonight! they all have striped shirts too!"

- cam stays icy on purpose (via catchdubs).

- translation loss records is putting in some work. this is the best "metal" label nobody ever heard of; they're not even stocked at the workplace. a rundown of quality product available for purchase with well-concealed cash or money order: mouth of the architect - time and withering (isis, envy, etc.); theta - tone poem for sad times (space rock in the building); and byla - s/t (ambient guitar bliss). i am so serious about it: byla - "closer to the center passage."

- more nba playoffs essential reading: the all-ugly team and bill simmons on-point playoff survivor.

- special wednesday boston area get down: burning brides burn it down (HA!) for the blackout bar faithful at great scott in allston. lauren the girlfriend says: "they are the loudest band i have ever seen."

- lots of comic books this week, none bigger than new avengers #5 and flash #221. if my employer sees fit to stock the four-letter worlds and second volume of flight, then i will also give them the once over.

finally, lock up your daughters, long island. young tim havok will be attending hofstra university, beginning in the fall of 2005. to quote tony starks, YEAH KID!


p.s. paul westerberg - "positively 4th street"


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