Monday, May 16, 2005

switch to southpaw, bullets bounce off walls

isis - "weight (fennesz remix)"
isis - "hym (thomas koner remix)"
isis - "false light (carry edit) (ayal noar remix)"
isis - "the beginning & the end (venetian snares remix)"
(oceanic: remixes & reinterpretations, hydrahead, 2005)

there are few bands in this world as fearsome and beautiful as boston's isis. in fact, i don't feel comfortable trying to describe the sound of their 2002 certified classic oceanic. today's remixes come from their new two disc collection of remix material, originally released on limited vinyl through richmond, virginia's robotic empire. while each remixer tries to reconcile the task of recombining the elements of the source material (read: sonically predictable, if nothing else), it's worth noting that even the reinterpretations hold the tension, volume, and weight (no pun intended) of the original recordings. recommended if you like: HEAVY, dub, minimalist electronic composition, ambient metal, the feeling of being adrift on the open sea with no hope of rescue. isis are currently touring europe with the jesu (a.k.a the broadrick/parsons project), who also contribute seperate tracks to the remix album in a fit of destruction-by-metal synergy.

- i still carry the painful wounds of embarassing early exit by my beloved boston celtics. now, head mormon in charge danny ainge is talking about new rules regarding on-court conduct, making excuses for doc rivers, and downplaying pierce trade rumors. are there any positives in what is sure to be a long and decidedly unsatisfying offseason? hell yes. check out fellow celtics fanatic miracle johan. hailing from the western area of the commonwealth, johan put his love of the green to wax in incredibly hilarious fashion. choice cuts: "i swear to god (mark blount)" and "no layups (kendrick perkins & al jefferson)." the image of teenage ballers young kendrick & big al in a video, holding up huge celtics ice pieces, stunting hard, and chanting "no layups - no easy baskets/no layups - none that i can't foul," makes my heart feel better about the future at the (t.d. banknorth) garden.

- on snap, miss fairchild get that west coast love from the robot kids.

- nerd love: may 18th edition: authority revolution #8, young avengers #4, and some oni press graphic novels, plus about a dozen others.

apologies for today's brevity. wednesday should see a return to REAL BIG form.

brendan funwrecker.

p.s. i join my o.c.-viewing brethren in tipping the 40-ounce for big cal. sometimes, pre-fab so-cal hyphenated tv drama life is not fair.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

that's why i look in the mirror every morning and realize how fly i am

juelz santana - "we don't give a fuck (feat. paul wall)" (from dj kay-slay - let the games begin)
cam'ron & hell rell - "get 'em daddy" (from big mike - the contender 2.0 - rap is like wrestling)

today, we break format and provide some mixtape rips currently making time in the apartment funwrecker. we'll get to the new spoon record in a hot minute, the celtics, maybe even some comic book discussion. right now, i have to thank c dot lemon-red & sean hardly-art respectively for putting me up on these tracks. if you're reading this right now, there's an 83.4% chance you visited the LEM first. saying though, if you don't read hardly art and purpology everyday, please ask for assistance as you have fallen and cannot get up (read: SLIPPING). homeboy had 5 m.o.p. tracks the other day. FIVE! in closing, high fives all around. (post script: fairness dictates complete disclosure. i am not feeling the juelz/paul wall track to absurd degrees, but it still catches heavy rotation simply because paul wall claims he's "kinda like omar from the wire." seriously though, i had higher expectations for a dipset/swishahouse collabo.)

going forward with a long overdue update:

- the boston celtics. many nba historians refer to the organization as a proud franchise with 16 world championships, including the most dominant dynasty in professional sports history (1959-1966, study your history). your boy refers to the 2004-2005 edition of the green as straight bitchmade. how do you lose to the indiana pacers in a series where clearly opposite styles are set to collide? two weeks ago, during the halcyon days of game 1 blowouts, comments like this echoed about the apartment:

roommate dave: "looks like they got the long whiteboy unit in there."
roommate "big dog" chris: "it's like we're playing a pickup game against high school biology teachers."
funwrecker: "i need another drink."

so how the fuck did this happen? the c's respond to the biggest game of the season (see also: biggest of entire careers for the youth movement) by turning in the single worst game 7 performance in the history of organized hoop. i'm not fucking around. this was brutal to watch. personally, i took in about 50-55 celtics games this season (plus 5 of 7 postseason) and the tv was off by the middle of the 3rd quarter. how bad, you ask? the truth played his way out of a celtics uni. employee #8 confirmed every misinformed, latently racist comment ever made about his on-court demeanor and inside-out game. the following day in boston, fairweather fans who hitched the walker/pierce bandwagon to a finals run 2 months ago were calling for a clean sweep by management. paul rizzy tells me that pierce is rumored to be sent to the portland oregon minimum security work release program. doc rivers basically coached his way out of a round one victory by believing his own hype. in a 7 game series, things like bench depth and 10 man rotation DO NOT MATTER. everyone is playing on the same amount of rest. if anything, rotations SHORTEN in the playoffs. and worst of all, you never abandon a style of play that works (running, using dribble penetration to force the defense to collapse, superior ball movement) in favor of adopting THE STRENGTH OF THE OPPOSING TEAM. i'm sure hater of the year danny ainge will gut the team in favor of "youth," meaning he'll finally dump walker AND pierce, bring some headcase with a max deal, and sell the new owners on 2-3 more seasons of rebuilding through ping pong balls. i can't talk about this anymore. (ed. note: is there any team in the league more despicable than the pacers? in the aftermath of the brawl, you think they would have learned some humility through the ordeal. but they're still throwing elbows, acting for calls, running a clinic on cheap shots, and turning it around on players like walker and pierce who are prone to lapses in judgement. what can you say about a roster when the most likeable player might be ron artest? i will chug gallons of haterade on these cats; jackson, miller, o'neal, dale davis, rik smits, chuck person, haywoode workman, ANYONE WHO EVER DONNED THE GOLD AND BLUE.)

- if you suffered through 500+ words about a local basketball team and you don't like professional sports, thanks for the effort. your reward is two tracks from the new fannypack lp see you next tuesday (think about it...), "seven-one-eight" and "you gotta know."

- speaking of new releases, gimme fiction by spoon fixes to kill your soulful indie rock game this year. the sage-like chris nelson turned in the best unconventional comparison today by referencing the solid 7.9 in terms of darryl hall & john oates. for my money, midtempo guitar rock jams like "sister jack" call to mind memories of a young funwrecker skating around the campus of bridgewater state college, blithely unaware of pursuit by the man while rocking "gold soundz" by malkmus & co. on the walkman. you know it's good when it comes lauren the girlfriend-approved.

- nick sylvester works his record review/get money hustle with james motherfucking murphy.

- more tasteful comic book noir from ati/planetlar: smoke and guns (say it fast out loud) by kirsten baldock & fabio moon. late summer '05.


- some of you are still sleeping on tom vek. listen here as the kid gets the phones remix treatment. re-up on the original while you're at it.

i hope to be back before week's end with o.c. wrap-up (motherfucking t.i. was on last week and nobody said anything? am i alone in my dual love of summer and the king of the south?), red sox thoughts (they can't hit a walk-off to win every game, right?), and some REAL TALK on comic books (desolation jones #1 like WHAT?).


Sunday, May 08, 2005

there they go again with that "hallelujah" shit

dead meadow - "heaven"
dead meadow - "at her open door"
(feathers, matador, 2005)

dead meadow released a new long player in february to very little (if positive) fanfare. i blame an overly wary corps of bloggers still reeling from comets on fire's destruction of laptop speakers nationwide during the summer of '04. the d.c. boys' past work (shivering king, featuring production contributions by a suddenly relevant anton newcombe) recieved praise in the nebulous form of phrases like "stoner rock," "dude, these guys are like sabbath," and the ever-popular "psyche." while undeniably heavy, dead meadow always leaned toward the the more lucid moments of bands like hawkwind or blue cheer, with an ear for mid-90's english head doctors like slowdive and the verve (circa a storm in heaven) . for feathers, the band enlisted the services of a 4th member and rerecorded versions of past freakouts with new arrangements. the album is the textbook definition of "slow burn" but repeated listenings yield nearly perfect moments, like the 11-minute passage of "heaven" and "at her open door." further exploration into the world of dead meadow can be found at the avalon on june 22nd, where they and headliners sleater-kinney will do battle with poor acoustics, 7pm doors, and a venue-imposed curfew.

- catchdubs/certified bananas killed the game friday at the not-so-enormous room in cambridge. while i arrived late, i did manage to make time with the phoenix massive, the razor sharp wit of nick sylvester, and internerd celebrity 'topher lemon-red. here's a big pound for the room, the djs, and the clientele who packed the place until last call. hey boston, we should do this again some time, yaoming?

- vanity labels just got grimey.

- time-warner remixes the dc comics bullet logo, while the online community waxes nostalgic on why nothing should change. EVER. also from the funny book clearinghouse dept., hip american novelist jonathan lethem signs on to rework omega (the ultimate man) for the house of ideas, with pictures supplied by venerable indie artist farel dalrymple. meanwhile, jeff smith must be hurting for work after finally completing bone (courtesy lauren the girlfriend).

- choice deadwood quote, delivered by the inimitable francis wolcott: "i am a sinner who does not expect forgiveness, but i am NOT a government official."

i'll be returning for monday evening/tuesday morning, with a postmortem on the celtics season and more idle comic book discussion.

your boy,
brendan funwrecker.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i'm feeling real fucking good, people

four tet - "smile around the face"
four tet - "and then patterns"
(everything ecstatic, domino, 2005)

ex-fridge kid kieran hebden returns to the game as if he never dropped a mediocre third LP on his new set, everything ecstatic. this album appears to be the result of culling the best elements of pause and rounds, with slight nods to prefuse and caribou for stepping game up. (ed. note: seriously, i know that these cats all have "signature sounds" or whatever and don't roll together, but i think they're all contractually obligated to drop new albums every 2 years, with a staggered monthly release schedules in the same financial quarter. can someone please look into this?). "smile around the face" is battle-tested four tet, organs blasts and acoustic guitar licks matched to off-kilter drum loops. for the new spring collection, kieran flips it with a high-pitch vocal sample (KANYE!) and throws in the subtle texture around the 2:57 mark. "patterns" brings bounce for the sexy (results). you can try for for yourself when the album drops on may 31st. feel free also to watch him put it down in northampton at the iron horse on july 7th.

- i'd spend time talking about your 2004 world champions, but tito urged us all to take the suspension like men. besides, who needs idle trade talk and nonsensical chatter when you're living large off the bottom third of majors? also, i never thought five games up on the yankees would mean less than three games behind the orioles.

- meanwhile, the g(reen)-unit faces potential back-to-back elimination games. espn seems to think that indy going 16-5 at home over the last 21 games is the key stat in this series. unfortunately, what's really real in terms of numbers in 'toine's stat line from game 5: 10/7/3/1/1. employee #8 better come correct and realize that anything less than a first round victory jeopardizes his boston futures and turns him into an undeserved media/management scapegoat. i have that seven game feeling here, but the series is legitimately up for grabs. as your boy predicted, jamal tinsley becomes the key figure looming over the whole series.

- so my favorite album of all-time finally gets the double disc re-release treatment in time for the 10 anniversary? there's an attendent piece of literature? there's no way it could ever be like hearing "midnight in a perfect world" for the first time all over again. if you don't own this record, we can't be friends.

- marvel comics to make moving pictures with sound on the paramount soundstage. nothing like leveraging the rights to a character/property who might not rightly belong to you (captain america) as collateral against your balloon-financed development deal. didn't these dudes just pull out of chapter 11 like 5 years ago?

- more comic book movie madness: mike avon oeming, of powers/thor/stormbreaker/(soon to be) red sonja fame, has written, directed, produced, and starred in his own 15 minute short based on his image book six. this is really good for being a no-budget movie.

- flowing smoothly to indie cinema, watch the village voice give some credit to homegrown somerville indie funny ha-ha. i always feel like i see kate dollenmayer/"marnie" in allston, but i'm too afraid to show stalker love.

- nerd love for wednesday, may 4th. shining knight #2 and y: the last man #31 co-headline this show. get over the small shipping week by getting familiar with sam brown's pictures. i feel like exploding dog could be the next indie illustration merch bonanza...oh wait.

i should be making time with a quick update tomorrow afternoon, where i remind not to sleep on c-dubs/c-bananas in cambridge on friday. i'll be arriving stylishly late as always.

brendan funwrecker.

p.s. funwrecker says baile.