Monday, May 16, 2005

switch to southpaw, bullets bounce off walls

isis - "weight (fennesz remix)"
isis - "hym (thomas koner remix)"
isis - "false light (carry edit) (ayal noar remix)"
isis - "the beginning & the end (venetian snares remix)"
(oceanic: remixes & reinterpretations, hydrahead, 2005)

there are few bands in this world as fearsome and beautiful as boston's isis. in fact, i don't feel comfortable trying to describe the sound of their 2002 certified classic oceanic. today's remixes come from their new two disc collection of remix material, originally released on limited vinyl through richmond, virginia's robotic empire. while each remixer tries to reconcile the task of recombining the elements of the source material (read: sonically predictable, if nothing else), it's worth noting that even the reinterpretations hold the tension, volume, and weight (no pun intended) of the original recordings. recommended if you like: HEAVY, dub, minimalist electronic composition, ambient metal, the feeling of being adrift on the open sea with no hope of rescue. isis are currently touring europe with the jesu (a.k.a the broadrick/parsons project), who also contribute seperate tracks to the remix album in a fit of destruction-by-metal synergy.

- i still carry the painful wounds of embarassing early exit by my beloved boston celtics. now, head mormon in charge danny ainge is talking about new rules regarding on-court conduct, making excuses for doc rivers, and downplaying pierce trade rumors. are there any positives in what is sure to be a long and decidedly unsatisfying offseason? hell yes. check out fellow celtics fanatic miracle johan. hailing from the western area of the commonwealth, johan put his love of the green to wax in incredibly hilarious fashion. choice cuts: "i swear to god (mark blount)" and "no layups (kendrick perkins & al jefferson)." the image of teenage ballers young kendrick & big al in a video, holding up huge celtics ice pieces, stunting hard, and chanting "no layups - no easy baskets/no layups - none that i can't foul," makes my heart feel better about the future at the (t.d. banknorth) garden.

- on snap, miss fairchild get that west coast love from the robot kids.

- nerd love: may 18th edition: authority revolution #8, young avengers #4, and some oni press graphic novels, plus about a dozen others.

apologies for today's brevity. wednesday should see a return to REAL BIG form.

brendan funwrecker.

p.s. i join my o.c.-viewing brethren in tipping the 40-ounce for big cal. sometimes, pre-fab so-cal hyphenated tv drama life is not fair.


Blogger Connor Morris said...

Is everything by Isis as ridiculously expensive as I think it is?

1:45 AM  
Blogger hot doorknobs said...

dude can you re-up those celts videos, they sound amazing.

3:40 PM  
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