Sunday, May 08, 2005

there they go again with that "hallelujah" shit

dead meadow - "heaven"
dead meadow - "at her open door"
(feathers, matador, 2005)

dead meadow released a new long player in february to very little (if positive) fanfare. i blame an overly wary corps of bloggers still reeling from comets on fire's destruction of laptop speakers nationwide during the summer of '04. the d.c. boys' past work (shivering king, featuring production contributions by a suddenly relevant anton newcombe) recieved praise in the nebulous form of phrases like "stoner rock," "dude, these guys are like sabbath," and the ever-popular "psyche." while undeniably heavy, dead meadow always leaned toward the the more lucid moments of bands like hawkwind or blue cheer, with an ear for mid-90's english head doctors like slowdive and the verve (circa a storm in heaven) . for feathers, the band enlisted the services of a 4th member and rerecorded versions of past freakouts with new arrangements. the album is the textbook definition of "slow burn" but repeated listenings yield nearly perfect moments, like the 11-minute passage of "heaven" and "at her open door." further exploration into the world of dead meadow can be found at the avalon on june 22nd, where they and headliners sleater-kinney will do battle with poor acoustics, 7pm doors, and a venue-imposed curfew.

- catchdubs/certified bananas killed the game friday at the not-so-enormous room in cambridge. while i arrived late, i did manage to make time with the phoenix massive, the razor sharp wit of nick sylvester, and internerd celebrity 'topher lemon-red. here's a big pound for the room, the djs, and the clientele who packed the place until last call. hey boston, we should do this again some time, yaoming?

- vanity labels just got grimey.

- time-warner remixes the dc comics bullet logo, while the online community waxes nostalgic on why nothing should change. EVER. also from the funny book clearinghouse dept., hip american novelist jonathan lethem signs on to rework omega (the ultimate man) for the house of ideas, with pictures supplied by venerable indie artist farel dalrymple. meanwhile, jeff smith must be hurting for work after finally completing bone (courtesy lauren the girlfriend).

- choice deadwood quote, delivered by the inimitable francis wolcott: "i am a sinner who does not expect forgiveness, but i am NOT a government official."

i'll be returning for monday evening/tuesday morning, with a postmortem on the celtics season and more idle comic book discussion.

your boy,
brendan funwrecker.


Blogger Paul Rizzy said...

Look forward to your thoughts on the C's. I hear Pierce might be shipped to the Jailblazers.

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