Thursday, June 30, 2005

boys gotta lay it down when the boss come around

the g-money era in boston officially began at 9:17 pm on tuesday, june 28th. no, i have not stopped celebrating. in case you haven't heard, here's why:

- "a peek into the future, with allen, green, and al jefferson on the fast break, has to make ainge smile."
- "green tells us it was 'god's plan.' "
- "the boys in green will feature 7 players on their roster who are 23 years or younger."
- "danny ainge started 'begging' the basketball gods that green be there at #18."

somebody call up miracle johan, the gerald green jam needs to go happen like YESTERDAY. where's that 4-track, son?

in other gang green post-draft news, did ryan gomes really show up for his introductory press conference in a g-unit t-shirt? was it too hot for the ski mask? MY UNIT IS GUERILLA. oh yeah, (soon to be ex-) celtic floor general gary payton is facing 7-10 years in the slam up north, but still has time to offer his personal tour of the vegas strip. add to this ridiculous fox sports rumors that a paul pierce/ron artest deal is currently in the offing and i might get a boston celtics spinner medallion: C-UNIT.

big things go down for funwrecker industries in july, but not before young caps & incorrigible jones set the city on fire friday night with those certified kids. boston/cambridge/allston/brighton/somerville, i beseech thee to STAND THE FUCK UP.

the blog relaunch begins in earnest on friday with a stab at journalistic integrity as i review ted leo weekend and all the insanity (read: g-unit video shoot, tiki lounge, go go dancing, holleration, etc.) that accompanied my 5 day visit to the tri-state this past weekend. you might even get a chance to see me clean up real nice with a slick redesign. and did i mention the t-shirts? all good things...

brendan funwrecker.

Friday, June 17, 2005

all i know is real detail, coke, lasagna, and those e pills

game got real.
back at it soon.
watch this space.
meantime, july 1st.
caps. jones. bananas.