Thursday, November 03, 2005

raekwon - "kids that's rich"
(raekwon presents: the vatican, counterflow, 2005)

raekwon rededicating himself to the "...cuban links" era while pete rock turns in a serviceable beat*. mixtape appropriate at 2:30, with rae weaving a pointedly unfocused ode to stop snitchin' ethics and pete doing his best rza impression. lately, the clan is best served in small portions and this is no exception (see also: the rza/mf doom collaboration). though the alt-rap media shine on ghostface is blinding, raekwon once again proves himself to the the second most consistent wu emcee after masta killa. this is not a value-graded comparison, as the latter two perform yeoman's work, whereas starks routinely flirts with blended non-sequitorial/meaningful brilliance and achieves mixed results. in short, this track invokes the hate-it-or-love-it corollary; it will not change your opinion of raekwon or pete rock, but it will induce headnods if you let it. the vatican mixtape drops on december 13th and the long-awaited, oft-rumored ...cuban links part 2 could see a january 2006 release.

*(did i miss the press release about the pete rock mainstream production revival? first jimmy and a.z., then 50, now the chef...why isn't this being discussed?)

- seriously, did you see delonte west's block (read: emasculation) on eddy curry in the 2nd quarter of last night's game? note to the atlantic division: redz does not care about you, your potentially faulty heart, or the traditional point guard-center height differential. by virtue of being the only team to win a game, gang green now have first place in the division. this means absolutely nothing.

- nerd love for november the 2nd: desolation jones #4, detective comics #813, firestorm #19, jonah hex #1, bulleteer #1, house of m #8, ultimate spider-man #85, plus the jonah hex showcase trade if it arrives on the shelf at work. in a publishing climate where dc/wildstorm/vertigo gives up on so many of its best titles through utter indifference and lack of commitment by some key creators and editors (cough...intimates...ahem), it's good to see that seven soldiers hasn't been cancelled, shortened, or otherwise altered. grant morrison = the black card era of comic book writing.

brendan funwrecker.


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